The nature talks to me. I see faces in nature. Trees are not only trees, rocks are not only rocks, flowers are not only flowers. They have characters, they have a soul, they have faces. They have voices which speak to my heart. My language is forms and colors, the contrast between soft and hard, wood and stone. Water reflections create forms, figures and faces.

Photography has given me the possibility to transfer my strong feelings for the nature.
I have an education in weaving, textile materials, the history of handicraft, color composition, textile print, dyeing, painting and drawing from the Handicraft House and The University of Stockholm. I have attended numerous courses in photography. I have had exhibitions in Sweden, Switzerland, France, USA and Italy, where I also have been published in a photo book.

My desire is through my photos to have an influence on people and open up their eyes and hearts for the miracles in the nature.


Gittan Johansson
Image Artist